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Birla Tisya Apartments – Splendid Stay

Birla Tisya apartments

Birla Tisya apartments are a good option for holiday makers who want to have a stay in an ideal place where they can live out their fantasy vacation. Birla Tisya is one of the finest beach destinations in India and attracts people from all over the world. The place is a famous destination for honeymooners, travelers, business men and other leisure seekers.

There are many reasons why people love to stay in this place. The most important factor that keeps attracting tourists and people from all over the world to this place is its pleasant and charming ambiance. The place is surrounded by Arabian Sea and has a lush green palm plantation, which is perfect for growing and developing green vegetables. If you are looking for a peaceful environment, then definitely staying here will be a good idea. The environment of this place is very much soothing and helps you to get away from the busy city life.

Birla Tisya is also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea shores and is very much popular among tourists from different parts of the country and abroad. You will get to see how the rich and the royal families came to this place and settled here. This lovely location is not only known for its beautiful beaches, but is also popular for its natural beauty and serenity. People come here for a relaxed holiday vacation and spend their weekend enjoying the sea and the sun while sipping on some fresh coconut juice. It is a popular hangout for locals as well as foreigners.

The Birla Tisya apartments are the perfect place for a short term vacation and to settle down in permanently. Since the place is quite large and quite spacious, you can stay here for as long as you wish. There are plenty of things to do around here like exploring the natural surroundings, water sports, trekking, fishing etc. The restaurants in the vicinity serve tasty and mouth watering food.

Before you make your booking with these Birla Tisya Apartments, you must make a check on the available apartments that are situated close to the beach. Once you have shortlisted the most suitable ones, then you must make a reservation for them. Booking for these rentals online is quite easy, as there are several websites that will help you book your accommodation. All you have to do is fill up the details of the property that you would like to stay in and the price that you want to pay.

Birla Tisya apartments are quite spacious and offer you lots of room to relax and to spend some quality time with your family. You are just 10 minutes away from the beautiful beaches of the coast and the markets located here have plenty of local food items for you to enjoy during your stay here. Shopping here will offer you the scope to buy some nice jewellery, sunglasses, bags, shoes etc. You can easily get all these stuffs at affordable rates.

The villas have all the facilities that are necessary to have a decent stay in this part of the world. You are provided with a swimming pool, a bath house, a dining hall and a kitchen. You can also have an entertainment centre built at the top floor of the villa. The bedrooms have a double bed, a wardrobe, a cupboard and a sofa bed. The villa has all the modern amenities that are required to make your stay comfortable.

If you are planning to go for a holiday with your family, then staying at this place would be perfect. You will find lots of facilities to keep them occupied during their stay. There are children play areas, playgrounds, sports and recreational clubs and so on. When you decide to go out for a vacation, then you do not have to worry about their safety because the villas have an emergency exit. Thus, Birla Tisya has everything that people want from a holiday place.